About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Kristi, a crochet enthusiast living in Tallinn, Estonia, the capital of a teeny-tiny but thoroughly wonderful country in north-east Europe.

I studied genetics and bio-engineering for many years, but never became a scientist. I think my heart just wasn't in it. So now I am self employed and have plenty of time for my hobbies, one of which - toy making - I would love to share with the world.

How I got hooked....

As many things in life, it started with a beautiful baby girl - my niece. I was looking for a small and unique gift for the baby shower, but didn't find anything, until I stumbled upon a photo of a few tiny crocheted animals and thus found myself in the wonderful world of amigurumi. I didn't know about Etsy then, and a good thing I didn't. So I decided to try making them myself. And then I made some more and now I don't seem to be able to stop.


My mission....

I've been dabbling in amigurumi making since 2012 and have learned a few things - mostly how not to do things. But I have acquired a few bits of useful knowledge as well and now have made it my mission to share everything I know about crocheting toys with all of you. All my patterns are written with beginner crocheters in mind - I always include detailed instructions, many step-by-step photos and useful tips and tricks.

So, settle down, take a little look around and I hope you will feel inspired to pick up a ball of yarn and a crochet hook and create some crocheted cuteness yourself. Go straight to browsing my PATTERNS and if you feel you need to brush up on a technique, take a look at the LEARNING CORNER.

My toys....

Although my biggest passion is experimenting and creating something new and exciting that crocheters around the world could make and enjoy, every now and again I feel like sitting back, relaxing and just crocheting. 

Each toy starts with a humble ball of yarn and a crochet hook, I then add some stuffing, safety eyes, embroidery, a ribbon here and there, a piece of my heart and soul - and that's how they are born.

I always pick the best quality natural yarns, crochet with patience and care, paying close attention to the smallest of details, making sure each and every teddy and doll comes out as nice as I can possibly make it, something I can really be proud of.

Thanks for stopping by!