Crochet terms comparison chart

I put together a small comparison chart with most common US and UK / Europe / AU crochet terms in English and also in Estonian. When you start reading a pattern, always make sure you know which terms are used. As you can see, some names can describe entirely different stitches.

P.S. All my patterns are written using US crochet terms.

crochet terms UK, US and estonian

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I’m a retired computer programmer and my sister is learning to crochet. She asked me to write a web page to expand abbreviations in crochet patterns and I did. Now, a couple months later I’ve realized that it’s a small enhancement to my web page to translate between languages. All I lack is the knowledge of the crochet terms various languages. I’m now trying to get that information and would like to use your Estonian crochet information. Please let me know if that’s OK.

Garr Lystad

pourquoi n’y a t il pas les termes français tels que ms : maille serrée – mc maille coulée – brides, demi-brides etc …

yveline roques

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