TUTORIAL: Start Crocheting in Round with a "Magic Ring"

A magic ring or a magic circle is a way to begin crocheting in round by crocheting the first round into an adjustable loop and then pulling the loop tight. This is great way to start crocheting your toys, because you can pull the loop very tight so you won't have a hole in the middle of your first round.

Alternatively you can chain 2 and then crochet the first round into the second chain from hook.



Amigurumi pieces usually start with six single crochet stitches, so this is what I'm using as an example here.

1. Make a loop so the working yarn goes over the yarn end.

How to crochet the magic ring

2. Grab the join between your thumb and forefinger. Insert the hook through the loop, grab the yarn and draw up a loop.

Crochet magic circle

3. Yarn over and draw through the loop on the hook.

4. Pull the stitch tight. This does not count as the first single crochet stitch.

5. Start your first single crochet stitch. Insert the hook through the loop, yarn over and draw up a loop.

Amigurumi crochet magic ring tutorial

6. Yarn over and draw through both loops on the hook...

Start crocheting with adjustable loop

7. ... completing your first single crochet stitch.

Crocheting the magic ring

8. Continue crocheting through the loop and over the yarn tail until you have the required number of stitches, usually six.

How to crochet the magic ring

9. Grab the yarn tail and pull until the center is tightly closed.

Amigurumi tutorials for complete beginnners

10. And done! You can now continue with the second round.

Amigurumi tutorial for magic ring


If you do not see the videos properly, head over to YouTube.

Right-handed version


Left-handed version


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, I am always happy to help.

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Re: SAM – FEBRUARY 20, 2022

Yes, the tail should be on the inside. If it does end up on the outside, you can always use your hook or a needle to bring it back to the other side.

Kristi Tullus

After doing a magic ring which side of the project should the tail (that was used to tighten the ring) be?
Mine keeps ending up on the outside when I increase and add more rounds. Should it be on the inside?


Hi Marry,

Take a look at the video, it’s easier to understand that way – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSk7BwpIfQ4

Or just do a search on YouTube, maybe someone else’s explanation clicks more with you. It’s a technique used by many toy makers and there are so many tutorials out there now.

Kristi Tullus

im new and 11 i odnt understand the magic sercle is there any way u can post this a litle bit better


Hi Marji,

*2dc, 2dc in next st; repeat from * to end (24 Sts) means you crochet 2 dc in every third stitch, so you start with one dc in the first two stitches, then 2 dc in the next stitch. And then you should have 24 stitches.

Kristi Tullus

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